Angels in America

I just finished watching Tony Kushner’ s Pulitzer prize winning play, made for HBO.  It is a brilliant depiction of the struggles of homosexual men in the 1980s at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic.

This play moved me deeply because of the truth it spoke at so many levels.  Brilliant writing, brilliant dialog, brilliant insight, disturbing and poignant.  It is an example of such fine writing, all those who aspire to speaking truth through their written words would benefit from watching this show.  It was six hours in length. 

One of the characters is a closet homosexual lawyer with a wife.  He does not admit his true feelings, and his wife, cheated of the intimacy and connectedness she expects from her husband, is a valium addict.

Ultimately it brings up the question for all people:  what do we hide that separates us from others, and what do we deny within ourselves which is the reality of who we actually are?

Often, it seems to me, since we are in a state of becoming, we plain don’t know who we are, we lack deep awareness, and yet the seeds of our nature are deeply planted, waiting to be watered by compassionate choices.

Contemplative prayer and meditation are ways we get deeper understanding of our nature, our motivations and our  attachments with the ultimate goal of becoming free to make wholistic choices of benefit not only to ourselves, but to others also.  Spiritual direction is one way to deepen understanding.

It takes courage to write as honestly as Kushner did.  His wisdom surely comes from a life truly examined at the deepest of levels.

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