The Old Post Office in Tintagel, Cornwall

The old post office in Tintagel is a 14th-century yeoman’s farmhouse. It was called the post office because during the Victorian period, for fifty years it held a license to be the letter-receiving station for the district.

The old decaying building was bought in 1903 by the National Trust from Catherine Johns, a local artist, who tried to save the building. She kept it up through sales of prints by local artists. She sold it to the National Trust for £200.

It is a place now open to visitors. Inside, you will find Victorian postal memorabilia and 19th-century samplers (embroidery much like cross-stitching). There is also a fire in the hearth for cold winter days when the wind howls in from the sea.

In Emily’s Shadow, the post office had crooked roofs, thatched rather than slate, and it was also a working post office.

A pretty cottage garden full of flowers is in the back rather than the bench where Emily and her brothers went to eat their fish and chips, but I caution you if you visit, you may well sense the mystery of Merlin’s magic floating through the ether, giving you goose bumps.


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