I don’t know what these little blue flowers are called, but to me they are a sign of grace and so I’ve named them abundance.

They seem to come out of nowhere long before any other spring flowers show. Their delicate blue petals glow and fill the yard with light.

This year it made me happy to see honey bees coming for nectar. I watched them fly from tiny flower to tiny flower. I could hear the deep strumming of their wings.

This display of plenty makes me appreciate what is so close and so often unnoticed. The photo does not do justice to the experience of standing amongst such sweetness in my backyard. I wonder how often we miss the nearby richness of the earth, searching for something grand like a rare orchid.


This cattlea intermedia orchid (Cattleya_intermedia.jpg‎) is exquisite, and to be greatly appreciated, but the nectar of grace is found in the humble moments too.

It makes me glad to be one of many little people struggling through life, not famous, not particularly important, and yet gloriously connected to the tissue of humanity who arise and paint the earth with color, even if only for the fleeting time of spring.

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