Praying with Julian of Norwich

Flowers on the Isle of Iona, a place of holy pilgrimmage in Scotland

Julian of Norwich was a fourteenth century English mystic who became an anchoress at a little humble church in Norwich, England. 

It was a common practice back then for holy people to live as hermits in association with a church. 

During a death bed experience, when she was about thirty years old, Julian experienced sixteen “showings” from Jesus, revealing the immensity of  the love of God: 

“While I still had sight of our Lord’s head as it bled, he showed me further understanding of his homely love. I saw that he is the ground of all that is good and supporting for us. He is our clothing that lovingly wraps and folds us about; it embraces us and closes us all around as it hangs upon us with such tender love; for truly he can never leave us. This made me see that he is for us everything that is good.”

Revelation of Love, Julian of Norwich edited and translated by John Skinner. New York: Doubleday Image Books. 1997. 9-11

Julian’s  theology does not deny sin and salvation, but are revelations about the power and immensity of God’s love. God bleeds for us and loses his life for us–such is this love. Note that the words she uses are more feminine than masculine: imagine silks and velvets lovingly wrapped around us. Or in the cold of winter, wool and tweed and goose-down jackets.

Join me at Spring Valley Presbytian Church West Huntington West Virginia to explore, meditate, and experience the love of God, with the help of Julian of Norwich and other mystics.

March 11, 18, and 25, 2012  from 10:00 to 10:45 AM–Sundays.