Prayer and Healing

Excerpt from Ziggy, a Little Book of Healing

Three Signs

After Ziggy was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor when he was only about seven years old, I became incredibly aware of the preciousness of his life. I did all I could to make it enjoyable and to appreciate every living moment we shared. It seemed to me that by living in the now of our time together, his passing would not cause me sorrow. I have no doubt there is an afterlife for all God’s creatures. I expected to breeze through Ziggy’s dying and move on sprightly, feeling joyful. How wrong I was. Henri Nouwen once remarked about the agony of loss. Even though I had buried my parents, and many other dogs and cats, I had not understood. Until now. Perhaps, the reason this loss is so painful is because now my heart is more fully open than it ever was in the past.
In the Bible the rainbow is God’s covenant, God’s promise of abundant joy and life for his people. The night when Ziggy was put to sleep, I prayed to see a rainbow as a sign of Ziggy’s well-being. The following day, on my way to the Wednesday evening Bible study at the church where I was the pastor, I saw a rainbow flashing across the Industrial Parkway. I was not comforted, nor satisfied. That night at 3:00 AM, I awoke. My mind filled with torment. How long, I wondered, had I hung onto Zig? Had I been in denial?

This is a true story about my dog who received a miraculous healing. I adored him, willful wretch that he was.
When he was given a death sentence, I was devastated. I couldn’t bear for him to die so young, so I began praying and doing Reiki on him, and I asked friends to pray, to send healing, to visualize him healthy. Thus began a journey to wholeness for both the dog and also for me.
This account is the story of Ziggy intertwined with memoir.
Anyone who loves dogs and cats, is interested in healing and the power of prayer, might find this book helpful.
It contains an Appendix with seven touch healing prayers based upon Reiki and Lectio Divina for individuals or groups.

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