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Terrible Toes historical novel, England, 1950s

My latest novel is now on Kindle. Cost is $3.05. Note the amazing cover! I did not do it :-) If you are interested in historical fiction, life in England in the 1950s, you might like this. I wrote it for children but I am hoping people of any age might enjoy it. It’s available on http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007J30JJI

Book Description: Set in 1950s London, this is a historically accurate story about an intelligent girl who wants and deserves a fine education, but is powerless against class discrimination.
The trauma of rejection, especially when it is unjustified against a powerless child, always hurts. People cope in different ways.
Lesley, the ten-year-old heroine in the story, projects her anxiety onto her feet, convinced, while she is waiting to hear if she got into an elite British girls’ school, that there is something very wrong with her toes.
Although written for children, this is a book for anyone interested in the lives of working class people in Britain during the 1950s. The book is 120 pages in length.