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Coming Soon–Prequel to the Ten Yen Series of Mystical Novels

If you are interested in spirituality, miracles, and the supernatural, perhaps the Ten Yen books will interest you? Ten Yen True, the second book in the series, was the first one written. It came about because of a mysterious coin … Continue reading

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Coyote Spirit

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coyote There are no dogs in any of my stories–except in Ziggy, a Little Book of Healing which is memoir/spirituality/healing and is non-fiction.  Surprising, considering I am a big lover of dogs and until recently always had at least one … Continue reading

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Miracles of Healing: Blog 3 Early Beliefs

This is the Prendergast School today.  It was relocated into this amazing building after I’d moved to the United States.  The Eleven Plus exam has been abolished too.  The interview that changed my life was in the original building in … Continue reading

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Rumi was a thirteenth century mystical poet. He believed passionately in the use of music, poetry and dance as a path for reaching God. He was a founder of whirling dervishes in the Sufi tradition. Today I came across a Rumi … Continue reading

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What is a Mystic?

Mystics are people who have a direct connection to God–but they aren’t different from anyone else; rather they are people who practice the religious tenets of love and compassion, trying to purify their hearts and do right by others and … Continue reading

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Quit your day job to become a writer?

This is an icon of Julian of Norwich. She was purported to be the first woman to write a book–back in the 1300s. It is a classic of mysticism. I don’t believe it ever earned her a penny, and even … Continue reading

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Pure Land Christian Ideas?

In Christian tradition, the doctrine of the Trinity–the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit–is sometimes explained as God being one but capable of taking three forms: solid (ice), liquid (water), gaseous (moisture/clouds). When I read this doctrine and consider the teachings … Continue reading

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Ten Yen True

  Ten Yen True: of Monks and Mystery Years ago a friend told me that any time you find a penny it means an angel is nearby to help. At the time, we were stuck a hundred miles away from … Continue reading

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moon image: http://www.godchecker.com/pantheon/native_american-mythology.php?deity=PAH In the creation story of the Pawnee people four major stars were said to represent gods. Pah was a Pawnee lunar deity and was male. His consort was Shakaru, a sun goddess. Together they produced a son, but the … Continue reading

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Fish Reveal Fate of the Lovesick

The Town of Newborough in the Isle of Anglesey, Wales For many Welsh people, a most sacred place is the ruined 16th century church found on the southwest tip of the island, across from the little town of Newborough. Here, … Continue reading

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