Unexpected Journey

Unexpected Journey is a historical novel about a Native American shaman, a rich English girl, and a crafty girl from the streets of London.

It is the 1730s when wide gulfs existed between different social strata. Rich girls did not fraternize with streetwise women, even when they were from the same country. Furthermore, well-bred English girls had no interest in brown-skinned natives from the colonies. Yet the paths of just such very different people cross, and they must deal with the dangerous attractions that lead them into brand new ways of living.

Excerpt from Book One: Shaman

In a dream, Gishuk saw the image of a shewanakw girl with skin as white as the blackberry flowers in spring. Her hair, glowing like the color of autumn leaves, tumbled down her back. Though still asleep, he heard the dogs howling outside, their cries rising balefully into the night. He stared at the floating image in his mind. Upon awakening, the girl’s strange face remained etched into his psyche.

For a while he lay on his straw mat, looking at the bark ceiling.  Had this girl somehow disturbed the dogs? But this made no sense. She was merely a phantom in a dream. Still, something was not quite right. The starless night contained not even a sliver of moon to make the dogs howl. A steady rainfall, smelling of leaves and earth, fell from the pitch black sky, pattering onto the thatch roof of his parents’ house. It lulled him back to sleep where the shewanakw girl still hovered in his dreams. She seemed so innocent, but even in his sleep, anger and confusion arose in him. What right did any shewanakw have to appear to him when they had caused so much trouble to his people?

Excerpt from Book Two: Manorborn

What signal? Rachel can hardly think. Then she remembers how the woman Mudge–wasn’t that her name–had tapped twice on the jail door right before she’d run down the alley. Rachel’d heard rumors of girls being forced into marriage to greedy men but she never dreamed it could happen to her. Little did these criminals realize that she was plenty old enough to wed. She had resisted Grand-Mama’s attempts to find her a match. Being undeveloped had its advantages. She did not and does not want to be anyone’s wife yet.

An e-book and print version (498 pages) will be available for www.RoguePhoenixPress.com at the end of August, 2011.

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