Captain Pipe: a Lenni Lenape Warrior Chief


Captain Pipe was a Lenni Lenape native who lived in the 1700s around the time Rachel of Unexpected Journey  came to colonial Philadelphia. He was born near the Susquehanna and later is said to have moved to Ohio. This  statue was erected to him in 1911 in Barberton, Ohio.  He was a fierce warrior who tried to stay neutral during the revolutionary war, but became a strong English ally after an American, Col. Daniel Brodhead, attacked and destroyed his village.

In Lenape culture people did not share their real names, because it could give spiritual power to enemies. In addition, they often were given other names, or nicknames, at different periods of their lives, sometimes to express life passages, such as reaching manhood. The real name of Captain Pipe was Konieschquanoheel (meaning “Maker of Daylight”). His public name was Hopocan (meaning tobacco pipe); because of the translated meaning, the Europeans called him Captain Pipe, which was what they used in historical records (1).

Gishuk, the Lenape shaman in Unexpected Journey has a special spirit name, Gustine, given to him by Uma, his grandmother.


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